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Watch Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins on Facebook Live


If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration, consider listening to one of Tony Robbins’ Facebook live sessions. The world-renowned philanthropist and motivational speaker offers tips on how to make life better. He has created a seven-day program, called the ‘Comeback Challenge,’ which launched on Tuesday, June 23. Through Facebook Live videos, people can train with the entrepreneur and achieve their goals. It’s not just for weight loss, though; the ‘Comeback Challenge’ also provides tips for starting a new job, changing careers, or even changing careers.

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When you watch motivational speaker Tony Robbins on Facebook live, you’ll see how he’s transformed himself and the lives of his followers. This is because he has incorporated healthy habits into his life. Before going on stage, Tony Robbins spends some time jumping on a mini trampoline. He compares jumping on a trampoline to plugging into a human battery charging station. He knows that his audience will expect a high-energy presence.

Although Tony Robbins may seem like an ordinary guy, his story is anything but ordinary. He was born in poverty and had to work odd jobs and do household chores to support his siblings. His family was even homeless for a while. His mother was an alcoholic and abusive drug addict and he had several stepfathers. His home life was filled with struggles, including a growth spurt triggered by an undiagnosed pituitary tumor in his brain.

Despite his modest upbringing, Tony Robbins has overcome incredible obstacles. His life’s experience in a poor environment has helped him achieve success. By working hard and learning from his failures, he has become an entrepreneur who uses his pain from his early years to inspire his followers. In addition to building his own empire, Tony Robbins continues to expand his sphere of influence through strategic partnerships with high-profile clients.

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In a Facebook live Q&A, life coach Tony Robbins explained that he hates the term “motivational speaker.” His clients range from billionaire Paul Tudor Jones to champion tennis player Serena Williams. While the term “motivational speaker” may make people cringe, Robbins’ approach to helping others is quite different. He shared how his clients have transformed their lives, and how they can use his techniques to improve their own lives.

While growing up in poverty, Tony Robbins was exposed to the power of positive thinking. He worked odd jobs as a handyman to support his siblings, and the family was briefly homeless. He was diagnosed with an undiagnosed pituitary tumor in his brain at age 31. The tumor increased the levels of human growth hormone in his body and caused growth spurts. While he was recovering from these circumstances, he devoted himself to achieving success and transforming his life.

For a lifetime coach, life coaching can be a lifeline. Life coaches can guide people to overcome limiting beliefs and live more fulfilling lives. However, the process of coaching is unregulated. To ensure you’re getting the best service, make sure to have an irresistible offer. Think of life coaching as a physical product with a compelling name. A bulleted list of deliverables, such as your life coach’s help in overcoming your fears and obstacles, will encourage you to buy. Then, include a price and payment options.


A philanthropist by nature, Tony Robbins is a businessman who donates money from his companies to nonprofit organizations that benefit the world. He owns several businesses, including a luxury resort in Fiji called Namale. He bought Namale in 1990 for $12.5 million and has since transformed it into one of the top resorts in the country. Robbins’ investments have helped many organizations including the National Kidney Foundation and the World Food Program.

A philanthropist, Tony Robbins also supports youth programs. His mentoring program encourages community leaders to mentor young people and his inmate empowerment program helps correctional facilities provide educational materials for inmates. Robbins also supports other organizations that benefit society through his foundation, including Feeding America and Global Learning XPrize. Other organizations supported by the Tony Robbins Foundation include Operation Underground Railroad and Youth on Their Own.

A philanthropist by nature, Robbins began donating to charitable organizations in 1991. His personal causes include hunger relief, ending child trafficking, and improving the lives of other people. Since then, he has given over 2,000 grants to nonprofit organizations, implemented life-changing curriculum in correctional facilities, and mentored thousands of young leaders. In addition to giving money to charities, Robbins also gives his time and resources to community events.

He started his charitable efforts while he was still a teenager. In 1999, Michael Jordan, now an NBA superstar, was promoting a seminar for Jim Rohn. While doing so, he decided to provide Thanksgiving dinner to two underserved families in Venice, California. He rented a van and wrote notes in both Spanish and English. When the food was served, Michael Jordan and his team of volunteers felt happy and satisfied.

Robbins has become a worldwide success because of his work as a life coach, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Through his Tony Robbins Foundation, he is helping to feed over 4 million people in 56 countries. His organization has also initiated programs in more than 1,500 schools, 700 prisons, and 50,000 service organizations. Robbins, who lives in Palm Beach, Florida, has been a philanthropist for nearly thirty years.


Despite his success, Tony Robbins has had a humbling past. As a child, he grew up in a dysfunctional home. He worked at odd jobs and a handyman’s job to support himself and his siblings. The family was briefly homeless. His mother was a drug and alcohol addict and there were several stepfathers. He also struggled with poor health. As a teenager, he was elected student body president.

While on his way to becoming a billionaire, Tony Robbins has also been married twice. In 1984, he married Becky Jenkins and adopted her two children from previous marriages. However, he also fathered a child with Liz Acosta, who later died at age 20. The couple split up in 1998. Robbins’ daughter Sage met him at a live event, and now frequently appears alongside Tony during his talks to provide relationship advice.

The author of over 50 million books and audio programs, Tony Robbins’ empire now includes over fifty companies. Participants of his life mastery program, which costs tens of thousands of dollars, can become successful entrepreneurs in just a few months. In addition, his bestselling books, seminars, and courses have helped millions of people achieve their dreams. The author of six international bestsellers, including The Path, Tony Robbins has a net worth of over $600 million.