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Date With Destiny 2022


Date With Destiny is a total immersion 6-day program that will ignite your passion and ignite your ultimate purpose. The most powerful virtual event in history will leave you feeling inspired, connected to your purpose, and ready to make new plans. Find out what to expect at this event and how to get involved. It can be a life-changing experience!


The price of Date With Destiny 2022 varies depending on the type of ticket you purchase. You can purchase general admission for $495 or upgrade to VIP seating for $595. However, if you are an entrepreneur and have a lot of money to spend on a date with Anthony Robbins, you may want to consider purchasing a diamond class ticket instead. It allows you to be closer to Tony Robbins and also gives you priority seating.


The Date With Destiny conference is unlike anything else on the planet. It’s an event about transformation and personal growth. This year’s event will be held in Australia. The host city is the Gold Coast, a metropolitan area on Australia’s east coast. Famed for its long sandy beaches, surfing spots, and elaborate system of inland canals, the Gold Coast is also home to popular theme parks like Sea World and Dreamworld. While in the area, attendees can also take advantage of its rainforest and rare bird species.


Date with destiny scholarships are a great way to pay for a dream vacation and see the world in a new way. Those who attend this life-changing seminar will learn how to create a new life plan and overcome obstacles. These scholarships are given to participants who demonstrate that they are able to make a positive impact on others and on the world.

This event is unlike any other on the planet. Its 6-day immersion program allows you to discover your true self, ignite your passion, and make new plans. You’ll also learn to identify your life blueprint and get rid of destructive subconscious behaviors. Date With Destiny has been hailed as the most powerful, life-changing experience in history and will help you discover your own personal destiny and plan for it.


Before you can apply for Date With Destiny 2022, you need to know a few things about it. It’s a six-day, total immersion experience that will help you discover your true self and ignite passion. You’ll learn how to stop destructive subconscious behaviors, identify your life blueprint, and create a new path.

The first thing you should know is that Date With Destiny is highly customizable. You can make it fit into your schedule, and customize the event to make it work for you. The course is led by Tony Robbins, who is a master of his craft. He’ll give you tools to get over whatever obstacles may be in your way. You will be able to make radical changes in your life, which can be life-changing.

Course content

Date With Destiny is an intense six-day event designed by world-renowned leadership expert Tony Robbins. It is designed to help participants uncover their deepest desires and discover their ultimate purpose. This transformational event will transform your life and help you live your most fulfilling life. You will gain a newfound clarity and confidence through this event.

Participants of Date With Destiny will know there is more and they will no longer settle for a small, limiting life. They will no longer live in fear, but will learn to be empowered and overcome any obstacles in life. The course content is designed to empower you with the skills to transform your identity and bring about transformative change.